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Our Rich Heritage and History Today Hawkins County has a population of over fifty thousand. Church Hill is the largest city, followed by Rogersville, Mount Carmel, Surgoinsville, and Bulls Gap.

The Hawkins County school system supports
twelve elementary schools, three middle schools,
three high schools, and an enrichment center.
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Enjoy an Outing in Our Parks Laurel Run Park, set stunningly along the placid Holston River, is operated by Hawkins County as a municipal park.

This beautiful park includes river-access, a mountain creek, playground equipment, tennis courts, softball and baseball fields, and more.

The park is open year round. Picnic shelters are available for reservation.   Learn More >>
A Good Mix of Industry and Agriculture Hawkins County is a great place for industry and farming. The education of our workforce is as fertile as our rolling farmlands.
Discover Hawkins Counties fine area public schools, colleges & universities, and major institutions.

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Do You Have An Emergency Plan? Your family's safety depends on preparing for the unexpected.

Check out our Emergency Management Agency Preparedness section to help develop your plan.

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Randall L. Collier - Circuit Court Clerk PDF Print E-mail

Mr. Collier served for over twenty years as a police officer for the town of Mt. Carmel as a detective, and was a chief detective with the Hawkins County Sheriff Office.  Randall was most recently an investigator with the Third Judicial District Public Defenders Office.  He also served the county for over ten years on the Hawkins County Board of Education with the last six years as the Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Collier approaches his office viewing the justice system as a wheel. The center of the wheel is the Clerk of Courts Office with the "spokes" consisting of all branches of the justice system. These spokes include the District Attorney's office, the Public Defenders office, private attorneys,


judges, probation, law enforcement and you, the good citizens of Hawkins County who serve as the jury. The wheel must be stable and support all the spokes to help the wheel of justice turn.

Mr. Collier's goal for the office is to always be as a team, engaging all the branches of justice to provide service, respectability and accountability to the people of Hawkins County.


Download Important Documents

Hawkins County Court Fee Schedule   Local Court Rules and Judges Schedules
Jury Exemptions and Instructions   Donation to Criminal Injuries Form
Sample Jury Summons   Jury Service Medical Hardship Affidavit
Jury Service Ineligibility Affidavit   Jury Service Care Giver Affidavit
Jury Service Hardship Affidavit   Affidavit for Postponement of Jury Service



Rogersville Office
115 Justice Center Dr. Ste 1237
Rogersville, TN 37857

423-272-3397 / 272-3398
Fax: 423-272-9646
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Church Hill Office
300 East Main Boulevard
Church Hill, TN 37642
(No Mail Delivered To This Address)

Phone: 423-357-4441
Fax: 423-357-3684
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday


Circuit Judges:
Honorable Alex Pearson
Honorable Mike Faulk
Honorable Thomas J. Wright

Criminal Judge:
Honorable John F. Dugger, Jr.

General Sessions Judge :
J.Todd Ross

Juvenile Judge:
Honorable Daniel G. Boyd 

Child Support Referee:
Pajan Cox-Wilhoit


What we do:
Maintain court records for Circuit, Criminal, Juvenile, General Sessions, and Child Support Courts


Tennessee Administrative
Office of the Courts

Jamie Collins, Deputy Clerk
Alison Curtice, Deputy Clerk
Tammy Easterling, Deputy Clerk
Jodi Evans, Deputy Clerk
Lisa Lemons, Deputy Clerk
Angela Price, Deputy Clerk
Donna Alley, Deputy Clerk
Linda Wolfe, Deputy Clerk
Maxine Burton , Deputy Clerk
Christie Forbis , Deputy Clerk
Randy Price , Deputy Clerk
Melissa Manis , Deputy Clerk